Well, I am now an admin at ScoutWiki, and i have an email: bluegoblin7@scoutwiki.org, so contact me there if it’s ScoutWiki related! Perhaps Tim could think about doing that – it just uses a free Google Ap…

Anyway, i’ve also set about editing some MediaWiki pages, and the new main page has also gone live…but will probably change again as it’s using the really annoying Portal-style layout, same as at Trains/Planes etc, and it’s having the same problems as we had – i’ve asked Tbo to have a look. (Thanks mate!)

Elsewhere, the Planes page has gone live, and i’ve also put out a final call for Tram/Train of the year. Have you voted yet?

Anyway, it’s back to school tommorrow, so i’ll be less active from now on, but if you need me i’ll be patrolling my trains talk page frequently.

That’s it with today’s musings, but feel free to comment!

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