Well, today I finally managed to get the Planes and ScoutWiki Village Pumps online, names ‘The Terminal’ and ‘The Camp Fire’ respectively.

I’ve also set up a Wikia wiki called Worldwide Trams (http://trams.wikia.com), that will be available in several languages, the first of which are Dutch and English. The Dutch wiki is two years old, but we hope to get a boost now it has joined WWT!

In other news, Planes really is getting a boost, but now we have the bleeding MediaWiki Job Queue to contend with, as there are no visitors or users – grrrr!!!

The best thing to report though is that Trains is almost certainly going to end up on the main Interwiki map, the same one used by Wikipedia, ScoutWiki, and all the wikimedia sites, amongst others! This will be an amazing achievment for Trains, and it’ll be just in time for it’s first birthday!

Finally, i’m also in the last stage of the development of my Anti vandal bot, Goblinbot. When we have tested it locally, we’ll “release” it onto probably Trains to get some real wiki experience. Then, when that’s done, I’ll deploy it at all the SpottingWorlds (with Tim’s permission!) and at ScoutWiki.

And that’s it – it’s a wrap!


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