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Well, it’s been a while since I posted here!

Trains is now 1 year old(!), but the TJ has been suspended pending the closure of a discussion – it will probably be removed and/or reformed.

Everything else is still slow going, but there are still more users coming in at Planes.

Oh, and Trains is on the IW map, and I managed to get a DYK on the WP homepage about Crich!

All in all, not some bad musing!



Hello all,

It’s been quite a while since I last edited, so there’s a lot to report.

Starting at Trains, theres not much to report, except that the Train of the Year page has finally been updated. Now I have to do the Tram one!

Over at Planes, we are finally “taking off”, and have ANOTHER active user! AND, we’ve topped the 1k articles mark!

ScoutWiki has been rather lay at the moment. It appears the css problem has been sorted, so now i’m off to sort some stuff out!

On the Wikia Wikis, both Tram Wikis and the Train wikis have been slow paced, on account of me being VERY busy! I hope to get going again soon.

I’m also now an admin at the Magic FanFiction Wikia. I know nothing about it, but figured I may aswell help!

Over at Meta, it looksĀ as if Trains (and quite possibly the others!) WILL be on the InterWiki map – this is great news!

Finally, at WP, there’s a lot to report. Firstly, John and Tbo are now my Admin Coaches, so I hope by the end of the year I will be a WP admin. Thanks must go to both people, and don’t worry, there will be rewards!

Also, i’ve finally solved the dispute about the Metropolitan, and am now awaiting the results of a community discussion regarding which to use.

That’s about it then, except to say i’m going to be inactive for 1 week from Thursday, as i’m off Skiing!