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Well, is there a lot to report since Feb!

I’ve now got my very own wiki,, running MW version 1.12… and boy is it a pain in the ****!

I’ve also got the Trams Wikia going really well!

Trains/Planes etc has been going slow, as has ScoutWiki, but I hope to get active again soon!

Will add more later!


Well, it’s been a while since I posted here!

Trains is now 1 year old(!), but the TJ has been suspended pending the closure of a discussion – it will probably be removed and/or reformed.

Everything else is still slow going, but there are still more users coming in at Planes.

Oh, and Trains is on the IW map, and I managed to get a DYK on the WP homepage about Crich!

All in all, not some bad musing!



Hello all,

It’s been quite a while since I last edited, so there’s a lot to report.

Starting at Trains, theres not much to report, except that the Train of the Year page has finally been updated. Now I have to do the Tram one!

Over at Planes, we are finally “taking off”, and have ANOTHER active user! AND, we’ve topped the 1k articles mark!

ScoutWiki has been rather lay at the moment. It appears the css problem has been sorted, so now i’m off to sort some stuff out!

On the Wikia Wikis, both Tram Wikis and the Train wikis have been slow paced, on account of me being VERY busy! I hope to get going again soon.

I’m also now an admin at the Magic FanFiction Wikia. I know nothing about it, but figured I may aswell help!

Over at Meta, it looks as if Trains (and quite possibly the others!) WILL be on the InterWiki map – this is great news!

Finally, at WP, there’s a lot to report. Firstly, John and Tbo are now my Admin Coaches, so I hope by the end of the year I will be a WP admin. Thanks must go to both people, and don’t worry, there will be rewards!

Also, i’ve finally solved the dispute about the Metropolitan, and am now awaiting the results of a community discussion regarding which to use.

That’s about it then, except to say i’m going to be inactive for 1 week from Thursday, as i’m off Skiing!


Well, today I finally managed to get the Planes and ScoutWiki Village Pumps online, names ‘The Terminal’ and ‘The Camp Fire’ respectively.

I’ve also set up a Wikia wiki called Worldwide Trams (, that will be available in several languages, the first of which are Dutch and English. The Dutch wiki is two years old, but we hope to get a boost now it has joined WWT!

In other news, Planes really is getting a boost, but now we have the bleeding MediaWiki Job Queue to contend with, as there are no visitors or users – grrrr!!!

The best thing to report though is that Trains is almost certainly going to end up on the main Interwiki map, the same one used by Wikipedia, ScoutWiki, and all the wikimedia sites, amongst others! This will be an amazing achievment for Trains, and it’ll be just in time for it’s first birthday!

Finally, i’m also in the last stage of the development of my Anti vandal bot, Goblinbot. When we have tested it locally, we’ll “release” it onto probably Trains to get some real wiki experience. Then, when that’s done, I’ll deploy it at all the SpottingWorlds (with Tim’s permission!) and at ScoutWiki.

And that’s it – it’s a wrap!


Yes! We have our first active user on Planes who know’s what they’re on about!

I’ve sysopped them up, and now hopefully we can start making Planes a success.

And, it also means that i better start getting  some things such as the VP in place… so i’m off!


I asked myself today, what do all my wiki contributions add up to? There not going to help me in life, there not particularly “interesting” to those outside my circle, but then I thought that, actually, even if just one of my many edits had helped someone, it was worth it.

So this is why I don’t get why anyone won’t edit at Planes. Its perfectly legal, legitimate, and will help people! So why not? Well, some thoughts:

1. The thing about registering – we had a similar problem at Trains, but we seem to have solved it.

2. The problem that none of the most active members at Trains, the ones who invited new members to trains, are interested in Planes. Therefore they dont make mainspace edits at WP, and therefore don’t get in contact with other users.

So, there my thoughts. I’d love to know more, so please leave a comment!

In other news, i’m beginning a long process of improving ScoutWiki, and therefore will be editing less at the other projects. Don’t worry though, I WILL still be around!

Also, I MAY have an AntiVandal bot, but its early stages yet…

Finally, i’m also seriously contemplating getting some help to becoming an Admin at WP – why not? I know what i’m doing, I know about the tools. So, if you can help, contact me!


Well, I am now an admin at ScoutWiki, and i have an email:, so contact me there if it’s ScoutWiki related! Perhaps Tim could think about doing that – it just uses a free Google Ap…

Anyway, i’ve also set about editing some MediaWiki pages, and the new main page has also gone live…but will probably change again as it’s using the really annoying Portal-style layout, same as at Trains/Planes etc, and it’s having the same problems as we had – i’ve asked Tbo to have a look. (Thanks mate!)

Elsewhere, the Planes page has gone live, and i’ve also put out a final call for Tram/Train of the year. Have you voted yet?

Anyway, it’s back to school tommorrow, so i’ll be less active from now on, but if you need me i’ll be patrolling my trains talk page frequently.

That’s it with today’s musings, but feel free to comment!

Well, its that pain MW again. I’m  trying to add some useful messages at Trains, but the watchlist one just won’t work! Grrrrrr………………

I’ll try at Planes, and if it doesn’t work… well, i’ll get very angry.

PS. I’m working on another newsletter at Wikipedia. More info will follow soon…


Well, thank God i’ve got moderation on comments enabled – i’ve been sent to spam comments about loans?!?! Loans! I’m 14 for heaven’s sake!

Anyway, lets hope it doesnt happen again…


The problems with the TJ have been fixed! We now have full fuctionality, and can move on to improving it!

Now, u orrible lot – SUBSCRIBE!!!