This is now online at Trains, and is soon to be online at Planes, but we are having a few problems with the layout. The general idea behind this newsletter is to let everyone know what’s going on, but if it’s screwing up layouts, then no-one will read it and it’s pointless. Grrr…. MEDIAWIKI GO TO HELL!!!


Well i’m now helping at another wiki:, which is the Scout Wiki.

Will update my progress there soon.

Oh, and this blog is now my wiki blog, i.e. ill post what i do on all my wikis here!



Yes it’s here. Me and Tbo are working on it at the moment, but i’ll let you know when it’s done!!!


Well thanks to several users, including Tbo, EdJogg, Slambo, DP67, and of course Tim, we now have a new main page, and several other things.

Urgent jobs can be seen on my user page, and the rest are on the todo list.