Woo hoo! Here we are getting up and running with another blog. Since I’ve already got a model/prototype railroad site at The Rip Track, I’ll stick to primarily discussing wikiwork here. So what am I working on?

  • Populating Portal:US Railways.
  • Building an assessment process.
  • Learning about bots so I can create a few for TSW.
  • Adding original content to TSW.

I’ve got a couple ideas for bots, like one that would scan the new articles list and populate something on the main page or the recently begun newsletter that lists the 10 most recently created pages in the main namespace, or a bot that would build a page of links to articles within a specific workforce’s scope so interested editors can use the related changes feature to find everything that’s been updated recently within that workforce.  Another that combines features of both of these would look through the list of pages that transclude a workforce’s banner to list the 10 most recently added articles for the project’s portal.

Well, that’s it for now.  I’m sure I’ll think of more soon.