Wikimedia is like a Tango

11 03 2007

Every time the lead pulls his partner into an embrace, or struts, the partner resists, in a tango

So it is with wikimedia software.

Bernd has a small fight on his hands right now. We added a new extension: When a new user joins they are welcomed on their talk page, and an interface is created to their “yet to be created” blog.

We had an error on a hew user’s registration and that point us to the fact that nothing was being created in the log files nor in the RSS feed for the new users.

Like all good Tango dancers he is leading his partner firmly and will prevail. Like all good partners she is resisting him, firnly and theatrically.



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11 03 2007
SpottingWorld Development (22:37:08) :

Captain Hook – or the pitfalls of AddNewAccount…

MediaWiki is really no straightforward software for extension writers. Even if you think it is straightforward it is particularly not. So as an advice: if it looks just too easy to do … think twice!
As Timmy wrote in his blog I just ended an unpl…

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