A small Google Milestone

24 03 2007

For the very first time today, Train Spotting World has acquired a Google Page Rank rating. It’s on the main page, but only in the http://train.spottingworld.com version, not the one with the “Main_Page” suffix.

We’re rather pleased about this because it means that the site is being indexed well and crawled well by Google, and, by implication, by other search engines. Where Trains goes, Planes will follow. Hmm, that looks like appalling grammar.

What this means to our users and visitors is that better search engine listing means more visitors, which means – because of the power of crowds – better information, better news, better spotting reports.

So, this is cause for a minor celebration.



One response to “A small Google Milestone”

1 05 2007
timtrent (07:43:52) :

That was somewhat premature. It arrived and vanished in the space of 48 hours. Fortunately it’s back now, and reasonably substantial, too

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