How lovely to be the target of spammers

1 05 2007

We had five spam attacks in one day by spambots that edit existing pages and blast their spam links across the page.

We should have realised this would happen at the start, but we didn’t.  So we’ve implemented a CAPTCHA to limit the effect.  So far today we have seen no spam, but that may just because there have been no attacks yet.  Time will tell.

Another Google Milestone

1 05 2007

All the SpottingWorld sites gained a Google Page Rank yesterday. I am now doing a happy dance.

Well, obviously I’m not doing a dance at all, I’m writing a blog entry, but you know what I mean.

Google Page Rank is not, by itself, significant, byt it does mean that several things have happened, including:

  • Google’s algorithm feels we have sufficient content to be worth ranking
  • The sites are search engine friendly and are easy to index
  • External links to the sites are from areas of the net that Google finds to be non trivial

The start of a wiki was ever going to be slow. I so wonder how long it took Wikipedia to really reach critical mass. Even so, by not forcing things and by letting knowledgeable people discover us, we are moving forward.