Onwards and upwards

6 07 2007

I haven’t commented on this because I didn’t want to influence it, but Train Spotting World is getting an increasing visitor and editor population each month.  The increase is small, but sustained, and we’re seeing a large number of new articles and extra edits just because of that.

It was always going to be gentle progress, but the progress is positive.   Most important, Train Spotting World is paying its way from the advertising and subsidising its baby brother Plane Spotting World.

Mediawiki and Categories

6 07 2007

How, tell me, how, can anyone design a category system that is free format?

Mediawiki allows catgeories to be set up totally freehand, which means that loops of categories within themselves can be set up.  But any fool knows that a category structure is a hierarchy.

What is in these people’s minds when they design this stuff?