How lovely to be the target of spammers

1 05 2007

We had five spam attacks in one day by spambots that edit existing pages and blast their spam links across the page.

We should have realised this would happen at the start, but we didn’t.  So we’ve implemented a CAPTCHA to limit the effect.  So far today we have seen no spam, but that may just because there have been no attacks yet.  Time will tell.

Oneida derailment & fire – Trains

13 03 2007

Investigators from the National Transportation and Safety Board found a suspect piece of track while investigating Monday’s train derailment and explosion, officials from the agency said at a news conference at Elm and Fitch streets this afternoon.

What am I doing? The answer is trying out the link from Digg to my SpottingWorld blog, simply because I want to see what it looks like

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Wikimedia is like a Tango

11 03 2007

Every time the lead pulls his partner into an embrace, or struts, the partner resists, in a tango

So it is with wikimedia software.

Bernd has a small fight on his hands right now. We added a new extension: When a new user joins they are welcomed on their talk page, and an interface is created to their “yet to be created” blog.

We had an error on a hew user’s registration and that point us to the fact that nothing was being created in the log files nor in the RSS feed for the new users.

Like all good Tango dancers he is leading his partner firmly and will prevail. Like all good partners she is resisting him, firnly and theatrically.

New things

3 03 2007

We’re always looking for new and useful things to add to Spotting World.  We’ve always known that fans want to chat.  But server bandwidth and raw processing power is disproportionately high compared with our core business, which is to provide the tools for the communities to create their own environment.

We have a chat room!

We’ve outsourced chat currently to Geesee, a Slovakian corporation who provide a free chat service based upon advertising revenue.  We’re not sure, yet, if this is the right outsource, but they have many virtues which lead us to believe it’s certainly the right type of outsourcer.