We are moving server

26 05 2008

The is not a thing we do lightly, but we have outgrown our current home. We’re adding advertising resources to help fund the migration, the first of which is The Chocolate Cake Church, a wholly eccentric site which we hope will help fund us.

Onwards and upwards

6 07 2007

I haven’t commented on this because I didn’t want to influence it, but Train Spotting World is getting an increasing visitor and editor population each month.  The increase is small, but sustained, and we’re seeing a large number of new articles and extra edits just because of that.

It was always going to be gentle progress, but the progress is positive.   Most important, Train Spotting World is paying its way from the advertising and subsidising its baby brother Plane Spotting World.

Another Google Milestone

1 05 2007

All the SpottingWorld sites gained a Google Page Rank yesterday. I am now doing a happy dance.

Well, obviously I’m not doing a dance at all, I’m writing a blog entry, but you know what I mean.

Google Page Rank is not, by itself, significant, byt it does mean that several things have happened, including:

  • Google’s algorithm feels we have sufficient content to be worth ranking
  • The sites are search engine friendly and are easy to index
  • External links to the sites are from areas of the net that Google finds to be non trivial

The start of a wiki was ever going to be slow. I so wonder how long it took Wikipedia to really reach critical mass. Even so, by not forcing things and by letting knowledgeable people discover us, we are moving forward.

A small Google Milestone

24 03 2007

For the very first time today, Train Spotting World has acquired a Google Page Rank rating. It’s on the main page, but only in the http://train.spottingworld.com version, not the one with the “Main_Page” suffix.

We’re rather pleased about this because it means that the site is being indexed well and crawled well by Google, and, by implication, by other search engines. Where Trains goes, Planes will follow. Hmm, that looks like appalling grammar.

What this means to our users and visitors is that better search engine listing means more visitors, which means – because of the power of crowds – better information, better news, better spotting reports.

So, this is cause for a minor celebration.

Interesting visit patterns

18 03 2007

Weekends are slow.  That is wholly unsurprising and wholly surprising, partly because of the time of day when traffic arrives.

At a weekend people are out, doing their thing.  They aren’t at home on the computer.  Me, too.  And weekdays people are at work.  Yet the greatest number of site visits happen during office hours.  The world has a lot of people who are bored witless at work!  But it surprised me, nonetheless